Monday, 4 February 2008

恭喜发财 – Gōng xǐ fā cái – Congratulations and Be Prosperous

Today we have another traditional saying for the Chinese New Year. This is another phrase you can use to wish someone a happy new year.

The first two characters together 恭喜, gōng xǐ mean congratulations.

The first character 恭, gōng means to be respectful or reverent. gōng is pronounced gung with a 1st or high, level tone.

The second character is 喜, xǐ which can mean happy or delighted. xǐ is pronounced she, with a 3rd, or falling and rising tone.

The last two characters 发财, fā cái mean to become prosperous, or make a fortune.

The character 发, fā means to become, to develop or expand. fā is pronounced far, with a 1st, or high level tone.

The character 财, cái means wealth or money. cái is pronounced sigh with a 2nd or rising tone.