Tuesday, 11 March 2008

单人房 – dān rén fáng – single room


Today’s word, in our hotels theme, is 单人房, dān rén fang, meaning a single room.

The character 单 is dān meaning one or single. It is pronounced dan with a first or high level tone.

The second character 人 is rén meaning a person or people. It is pronounced ren with a 2nd or rising tone. We have seen this character before in the words人日 – rén rì – everyone’s birthday and 铁人三项 – tiě rén sān xiàng - Triathlon.

Finally we have 房, fáng meaning a room, or a bedroom. It is pronounced fang with a 2nd or rising tone.

Whether you are travelling to China for pleasure or business, to Beijing for the Olympics or to shanghai for business we hope you find the words in this theme useful.