Monday, 14 January 2008

铁人三项 – tiě rén sān xiàng - Triathlon

Today’s sport is the Triathlon. In mandarin the characters are as follows.

The first character is 铁, tiě meaning iron or as strong as iron.

The second character is 人, rén meaning a person.

The third character 三, sān is the number three.

The fourth character is 项, xiàng meaning an item, or itemized things.
The ie in tiě is pronounced like the ie in Pierre, and it has a 3rd or falling and rising tone.
The r in rén is pronounced like a cross between a j and an r. rén has a 2nd or rising tone.
sān is pronounced san, with a 1st or high, level tone.
xiàng is pronounced shyang, with a 4th or falling tone.