Wednesday, 23 January 2008

现代五项 – xiàn dài wǔ xiàng – Modern Pentathlon

The first character today is 现, xiàn meaning the present time.

The second character is 代, dài meaning a historical period.

Together 现代, xiàn dài means modern.

The third character is 五, wǔ the number five.

We have seen the fourth character before in the word 铁人三项 , tiě rén sān xiàng meaning Triathlon. It is xiàng meaning an item, or itemized things.

xiàn is pronounced sh-yan, with a 4th or falling tone

dài is pronounced die, with a 4th or falling tone.

wǔ is pronounced woo, with the 3rd or falling and rising tone.

xiàng is pronounced sh-yang, with a 4th or falling tone.