Wednesday, 9 January 2008

艺术体操 – yì shù tǐ cāo - Rhythmic Gymnastics

The only new character today is the first one 艺, yì, meaning skill or art.

The second character is 术, shù also meaning skill or technique is one that we learnt in 马术, mǎ shù, literally meaning Horse skill, or Equestrian events.

The last two characters of today’s word appeared in yesterday’s word, so they should be ones you recognize. 体操, or tǐ cāo meaning Artistic Gymnastics.

Combined the four characters 艺术体操 have the meaning of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

yì is pronounced ee, with a 4th or falling tone.

shù is pronounced like shoe, also with a 4th or falling tone.

tǐ is pronounced tea, with a 3rd or falling and rising tone.

cāo is pronounced tsow, “ts” as in its, and “ow” as in cow. cāo has the 1st or level tone.