Friday, 25 January 2008

花样游泳 – huā yàng yóu yǒng – Synchronised Swimming

Today’s word includes the word we learnt yesterday, 游泳 – yóu yǒng – Swimming.

The first character is 花, huā meaning a flower.

The second character is 样, yang meaning a pattern.

Together 花样, huā yàng means a flower pattern.

The third and fourth characters are ones we have already learnt in the word 游泳 – yóu yǒng – Swimming.

Altogether the words mean Synchronised Swimming, a sport where the athletes do make flower patterns while swimming.

huā is pronounced hwa, with a 1st or high, level tone.

yàng is pronounced yang with a 4th or falling tone.

yóu is pronounced yo, with a 2nd or rising tone.

yǒng is pronounced yong, with the 3rd or falling and rising tone.